A battle occured near The Lake in the episode The Art of being heavy.

Battle planEdit

To launch the attack without arousing The Valley, Dragon ensured that a cloud of mist would disguise the Navy's approach. With their incursions masked, Ninja Monkeys would land at the shore and then make a relatively stealthy raid on The Valley.


The plan, however, did not prevent the movements of the fleet from goind unnoticed, as Rabbit informed Turtle of the invasion. The majority of animals were at the Beach, minus Skunk. At least eight boats appeared, and Ninja Monkeys were soon deployed. The first wave, however, was pushed back into the water. Despite this, the first wave got up and launched their second attack, and the second wave poured in as well. Skunk, however, had retrieved a boulder and used it to defeat the Ninja Monkeys. This lead the Monkeys to retreat.


Upon that, Rabbit, Tiger, and Pig commandered a Ninja boat and sailed over to the main fllet. Skunk attempted to use his boulder to catch up with them, but his boulder ultimately halted. Meanwhile, Baboon brought in rienforcements. Rabbit and his team struggled to repulse the Ninja Monkey boarders. Skunk, upon abandoning his boulder, sunk all the Monkey warships, forcing them to retreat, and the day was for the Valley.