Crane serves as the Valley's aerial scout and reconnaissance. She is also a member of the Fan-Fan Warriors, the Valley Elders, and a seasoned fighter in her own right.


Bio Edit

Crane's most notable trait is that she loves to gossip. Though there's truth in her stories, as seen in the Art of the Noseblow where she's the first to spread the story that Skunk's "new move" had gotten Baboon exiled. In the same episode however, she's seen repeating the same rumor passed to her from Tiger onto Mantis, this time adding that Skunk also "found a cure for hiccups!"

The website calls Crane talkative, and for that she is good friends with Duck who likes to listen to what she has to say. Crane is also rather sarcastic, such as when she keeps Skunk from helping her and the other Fan-Fan Fighters out.

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