They're one of the most vicious groups of animals in the valley and they got one rule: Never Relent and always attack.” - Unknown

The Four Kings ( or The 4 Forgottens)are 4 of the most unstoppable animals in Dragon's Navy and even the most ancient, but formidable opponents in the valley.

Lou Edit

Name: Lou

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Family: Laura (wife) Ben (son) Wally (son) Baby William (son) Kayla (grandmother) Earl (grandfather)

Friends: Kyle, Olivla, Patrick, Vada, Earl, Darla

Spiceis: Penguin

Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui

Kyle Edit

Name: Kyle

Gender: Male

Age: 66

Family: Olivla (wife) Scott (son) Jessica (daughter) Donald (son) Jerry (son) Jack (son) Jake (son) Noah (son) Kevin (son) Baby Joe (son) Kayla (mother) Henry (father)

Friends: Lou, Laura, Patrick, Vada, Earl, Darla

Spiceis: Crocodile

Voiced by: Jim Cummings

Patrick Edit

Name: Patrick

Gender: Male

Age: 85

Family: Vada (wife) Maya (daughter) Kyle (son) Ivor (son) Manny (son) Kevin (son) Ken (son) Leon (son) Baby Mike (son) Lisa (mother) Paul (father)

Friends: Lou, Laura, Kyle, Olivia, Earl, Darla

Speiceis: Pickle

Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

Earl Edit