Name: (健太) Kenta Age: 29 Species: Badger Height:3'11" Eye color(normal): brown Eye color(possesed): red Favourite weapon: kyoketsu shoge Martials arts: Ninjutsu and a bit of tai-chi and kung-fu Techniques and movements: Jishin-ha, bakuhatsu-Iwa, all the nimpo earth-techniques. Abilities: he is fast in climbing, somersaults and a good strategist.


Kenta was born in 1586. In the city of Kikuchi, located in the ancient region of Iga (from the southwest of Japan). 

He had good parents, except that his father had problems with alcohol. They were servants of a Nobleman, his name: () Hayabusa. Who courteously to his servants, treated them well and even allowed the young Kenta to study. His abilities in the school were excellent. However, their shyness played him against giving loneliness and ridicule from their partners. 

His parents always asked "how was your day" and he simply turned and smiled at them falsely that he was responding "excellent". The nobleman noticed the change in his character but thought it was temporary. Spent years enduring the pain of rejection in his heart every night wondering when would all this. 

But the footsteps of cavalry on the tender grass of the field ended up yielding to the ridicule of their partners in the day would be recorded within the citizens of Kikuchi. These jokes activated what nobody knew the demon within him. And as the waves hitting the rocks, he burst into tears. The laughter in which later changed to cries of terror, Kenta was completely dominated by the devil "Kaku". Which began to cause almost complete destruction of the city. 

The next day, woke up on the outskirts of the city. When he entered, he saw his parents arguing with the citizens who wanted out of town. His mother begged him to stay but it was the decision of the city against his that ended up leaving the city. However, his father asked to stay, the citizens agreed. So I left the city without his father who would help take care of as possible.  

His exileEdit

Gone are the days in exile with his mother and his weakened father's support . When carrying firewood in an afternoon he encountered a robust mole but look quite formidable, and he was a respected master ninja, his name: (正夫) Masao. With which spoke and saw his good intentions and the demon within him. On that night, dined at his small house near the cliffs bordering Kikuchi. He used the occasion to say he was going to train. He never has been so happy. He watched his mother asking, in gratitude offered to stay with them. She, whitout problem, agreed. That makes the things easier.

In the days after he was arming of knowledge, that would serve to save the city of Tsubame (-), the  servant of Inari (god of agriculture). Who tried to destroy Kikuchi with the help of "Shukaku". So guilt the wind counties and generate a war. Because He had hate to the citizens of Kikuchi and their welfare. 

In those years knows Rabbit, Baboon and (-) Riku bear. The last two would become his colleagues and students of Masao, 

He helped too to the Valley dwellers to defeat Dragon. Ending his days in the valley with his best friends.