The Valley




Pig, Master Pig

Arts Known

Flying octopus, truffles,etc.

Pig is a male hog though only Panda refers to him as master pig, while the rest of The Valley simply refer to him as pig. He is often seen as dim-witted and weak but can defeat Rabbit and Skunk at the same time if he tries. Pig is close friends with Skunk and is often with him. He spends most of his free time bathing in mud. Pig also has a tuff side as seen in the art of truffuling he goes crazy for truffles and nearly wipes out the valley.

When Skunk was acting sick Pig was sent out to try to cure his problems, but he caused Skunk to really be sick. Panda then told him that he sent out Pig as punishment for faking sickness, but didn't know that it would cause more problems.

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