Skunk is the main character of the series Skunk Fu! He is a 10-year old kid who learns Kung Fu. He is a black and white skunk with a red nose. He was dropped into China by Heaven, being mistaken for a new hero, yet he might have bigger friends then he thought.

After Dragon (The main antagonist of the series and the former guardian of the valley) became evil, Panda (baby Dragon's former friend to all, and leader of the Valley army) asked Heaven for help. Heaven responded by dropping baby Skunk into Panda's arms. Panda then thanked Heaven for the hope they brought to the valley and raised him while teaching him the arts of Kung Fu. Skunk has lived his life surrounded by his friends like Rabbit, Fox, Ox, Bird, Pig, and more. At the same time, he is also surrounded by enemies like Dragon, Baboon, and the Ninja Monkeys.


Skunk fu by Pedro992

Skunk is really a good-hearted and caring person who will even feel sympathetic to his enemies as seen in the episodes The art of Revenge and The art of the double cross, where he feels sorry for the Ninja Monkeys. He wants to please his Kung fu master Panda, but also wants to have fun and find the easy way out of his lessons. Skunk also has a very mischievous mind and likes playing pranks on everyone from time to time. Skunk can sometimes be naive and impatient, but he still gives his best tries during missions. He usually does things in his own ways, but some of his plans end up getting backfired. Skunk has a very important future ahead. He's becoming a kung fu master, defeating Dragon, and then there's his... power. Skunk may get into a bit of trouble all the time but is shown to learn his lessons.


Being a skunk, Skunk has a very powerful defense called skunking. Whenever he is frightened, angry, or surprised he will accidentally spray a noxious gas out of his rear. Such gas is able to knock out any opponent with its bad bad BAD smell, just like skunks regularly do. While powerful, it is a great embarrassment for Skunk who can't control it. But whether he, or anyone else, likes it or not, Skunk will have to master this unusual power and use it against Dragon.

Once Dragon found a way to be free from his icy prison, Skunk was forced to flee as the rest of the Valley found themselves captured and enslaved by the ninja monkey army. He eventually found his way to a village where an entire clan of skunks were residing. After discovering his parents were also Kung Fu masters who recognized him as their son, he revealed to them his disappearance was due to his role in the fate of the Valley. Proud and honored the Heavens chose their child for such responsibility, they chose to help him fulfill his task. Through his parents guidance, he found the reason he was incapable of controlling his skunking power was because he wasn't fully accepting of this destiny. This caused Skunk to finally begin growing out of the mindset of a child, and focus on fulfilling his destiny of defeating Dragon. Once his parents finished training him to the level of master, he then returned to the Valley, determined to save those who counted on him. During the final battle within Lung Mountain, Skunk used Dragon's rage against him, causing the entire cave to collapse onto Dragon, barely escaping in one piece. With Dragon dead, and the Valley finally freed, he became the new Valley Guardian, leading to an era of peace for the Valley.

Skunk FuEdit

Skunk, Fox, Rabbit, and Panda are the most popular characters in the fan base.

His appearance has inspired many Fan fiction to make up original characters that look a lot like him. In the Skunk Fu fan base the most popular relationship is Skunk and Fox. Though the pairing is not made clear in the series, as well as it being rivaled by a group of people who believe in Fox and Rabbit, SkunkXFox shippers take up the most of the fan base.





Skunk is a friend to all of the good animals in the valley who he trains with constantly. He is rather close to his Kung Fu master, Panda and views him as his father or father figure. While he is constantly trying to impress his Master, he also wants to have fun at the same time so he tends to goof of rather than finish the chores Panda gives him. He will often break Panda's rules but is also loyal to him.

Skunk is a true friend and is close to Pig, Ox, and Bird and sticks up for them every chance he gets. He is also a fine friend and admirer of Rabbit even though he is a bad influence half the time for Skunk. Skunk will sometimes get into fights with Rabbit regularly, but the two manage to sort things out in the end. Skunk views Fox as his sister figure. She is always protecting him whenever he gets into trouble and defending his case when he gets into fights with Rabbit.

Family Edit

Lou (father)

Lisa (mother)

Frank (older brother)

Laura (older sister)

Lenny (younger brother)

Simon (baby brother)

Luke (uncle)

Nina (grandmother)

Otto (grandfather)

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