It began when...

Note: this is a Fan fiction, please do not edit completely, but feel free to correct and make more descriptive.

One day, Skunk was out learning the Art of Love then suddenly Crane bursted through the long, draping leaves of a Willow tree, a basket held in her beak. "What is it Crane...?" Panda asked, his voice full of wisdom, "Another skunk!" She exclaimed, Skunk's eyes widened with un contained excitement, 'Finally...' His thoughts danced around in his head, 'another skunk! Like me!' He could not hold in how happy he was a he jumped up into the sky and did a double front flip. Suddenly a green, mist curled over the part of the valley, coming from the net basket. It wilted the pink blossom tree withering even the weeds that poked through the cracks. Crane immediantly dropped the basket and hold her nose, eyes watering uncontrollably. Panda looked disgusted. As skunk landed, even HE was plucking his nose water streaming down his face.

'Oh Gosh!' He wiped his cheeks as the mist faded and the baskets lip curled open, reaveling a small, curled up black ball. The ball stretched up creating a shape of a skunk! This creature looked almost identical to Skunk himself but the tip of its tail was almost white and the nose was smaller. It's fringe covering one eye. 'A FEMALE SKUNK!' Panda shouted, staring at the animal, the skunk shivered in fright and huddled its self into the corner of the basket a light 'poof' noise started and the females skunks tail stood on end, her cheeks blushing, scared and embarrassed the smell hit the Valley animals unexpectedly as they peered in. This time the spray was darker and larger, Panda and Crane lay on the floor, covering there noses. The female skunk jumped out the nest in a blur and headed for the lake, Skunk trailing behind her.

Tears streamed down her face as she sat under a large, withered Willow tree. Her tail was wrapped tightly around her and, again, the light mist trailed out of it. Skunk reached the edge and sat down next to the timid different gender, version of him. 'It's okay...' His voice was soothing, and it sounded more grown up for his age she let out a whimper and the spray became darker. 'I know how you feel...' He slumped down sniffling, 'I'm Skunky...' The female trailed off looking at her reflection. 'HI SKUNKY! I AM SKUNK!' He jumped up and hugged her, releasing the 'fart' and embarrassment once more, he sniffed and realised her reaction, 'I'm sorry, embarrassed Huh?' He snorted. 'Sorry, I just can't control it...' Skunky blushed crimson. Skunk smiled, 'Don't worry!' He farted loudly creating him to levitate off the ground, 'Lets go and meet the others, you made a bad start back then,' with an apprehensive nod, Skunky held Skunks hand and they walked away.

Returning to the clearing, Rabbit jumped out of his warren teasingly pointing at the matched skunks. 'OOOOh Skunks got a girlfriend!' He laughed, although Skunk ignored him. Skunky glared at him, tail and legs trembling tail pointed erect, 'Just ignore rabbit,' Skunk smiled, reassuringly. They carried on, exchanging smiles. They arrived at Pandas clearing, Skunky smiling but blushing. 'H-h-hello...' She stammered, about to release yet another spurt of stink but Skunk grabbed her tail, giggling nervously. 'Hello young one...' Panda began until inturpted by the beating of Cranes wing, an immediate escape from another stink. 'This is the valley,' he pointed to the vast landscape, 'everybody here cares for each other and nobody is left out,' he was unafraid by the Skunkys talent due to his experience with Skunk. Skunk stood up proudly, 'This is Skunky! she's just like me!!' He grinned rocking back and forth on his heels. Skunky copied Skunk's bravery by standing up taller. Panda grinned and said, 'Would you like to join our training?' Skunky looked uneasy, but her male companions eyes glittered excitedly. 'S-S-Sure?' She stammered

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