Skunky will be a new character in the show Skunk Fu. She is skunk who befriends The Valley, and an apparent sister to Skunk, and is taught the ways of Kung Fu. She serves as Skunk's long-lost sibling for the show. She gets along well with every one in the valley. Unlike, Skunk, she's gullible and a bit of a coward and doesn't learn her lessons. But she's shown to become a good fighter and will do anything to save her friends.

Although her before joining the valley, she was timid and always passed nervous 'gas' in front of other animals. She was nearly always scared until her alliance with the Vally. Her 'fart power' differs to dark to light depending on the situation, unlike Skunks, it is extremely powerful, as she is female. She has once, before, sprayed, Crane, Mantis, Fox, Rabbit, Skunk, Duck, Bird, Ox, Tiger, nearly all the Valley animals, including Fish. This happened because she was bathing in his pond and Fish got angry and flicked her with his tail. Green bubbles arouse from the water and the pond turned green. Fish was very lucky to be alive...

Family Edit

Richard (father)

Lisa (mother)

Lori (older sister)

Laura (younger sister)

Mark (younger brother)

Summer (younger sister)

Lenny (younger brother)

Ken (younger brother)

Baby Lou (baby brother)

Max (uncle)

Maria (grandmother)

Mac (grandfather)

Skunky Edit

Name: Skunky

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Voiced by: Jodi Benson