The art of being lazy is a episode that symbolizes procastination. During that episode, Skunk was unhappy with the chores Panda requested him to do. He then faked being sick. Fox gave him a doll named Mr. Dimples. Later, the Ninja Monkeys launched a massive invasion. While everyone else fought, Skunk lay down, guilty he had lied and was on the sidelines. Panda, however, has seen through Skunk's lies. As punishment, Skunk was put into the care of Pig, who washed Skunk down. When Ninja Monkeys arrived, Skunk tricked Pig into making him think the Monkeys were sick. Rather than face a grueling bath, the Monkeys fled. Skunk later admitted his actions to Panda. Rabbit tried to copy Skunks doing at the end of the episode, but ultimately regretted it.


Ox: Poor little dude!