The Art of Giggling - Skunk can't stop his constant giggle fits. This isn't easy, however, because Panda takes him on a secret spy mission. (TIP: try to get the sad parts of this episode off mind.)


Skunk Fu! - The Art of Giggling10:25

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Giggling


(Scene cuts to the valley where Skunk, Bird, & Ox are hanging out)

Skunk: Hide and seek! Hide and seek! Ox, you're it!

Ox: Okay,

(Ox turns his back and starts to count in unscramble way Skunk and Bird snicker as they already know where they're about to hide. When Ox finishes counting, he is unaware that Skunk and Bird are on top of him. Their game was interrupted suddenly by Rabbit)

Rabbit: Hey squirt, Panda sent me here, you're late for your lesson.

Ox: Who, me?

Rabbit: Not you, Skunk.


Frog: It seems tears they're compish what, eggzoshtin could not!

Skunk: "cries" You teared me, Master Frog. This is the happiest day of my life.[[Category:Movies]

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