The Art of Hospitality - When Ninja Monkeys have entered Rabbit's borrow, Skunk invites Rabbit to stay with him and Panda. But soon he becomes a total pest.


Skunk Fu! - The Art of Hospitality

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Hospitality

When Rabbit, Fox and Skunk go on a mission for a Ninja Monkeys attack. they can't find any untill Skunk said he was going to play with them.

After chucking the Monkeys about like basket ball the Monkeys get chucked in Rabbits borrow where it seems that Rabbit can't seem to live their with the Ninja Monkeys keep chucking him out.

Rabbit decides to stay with Skunk and Panda where he seems to be a nightmare living with. Skunk then go's to the killer bee's and lies to them saying that the Ninja Monkeys have been calling them names inside Rabbits Borrow which make the Bee's mad so they decide to atack the Monkeys inside Rabbits Borrow.

After running away from the Bee's. Baboon tells the Monkeys to get back in Rabbits Borrow which they do (The monkeys done this cause the bee's left Rabbits Borrow.)

After getting Rabbit and Fox to come and see Rabbits Borrow all of a sudden they are attacked by Rabbits things he has in his Borrow which the Ninja Monkeys are throwing. This leads embrassment to Rabbit after his secert crush on Fox has been exposed by skunk after finding a picture of Fox on a scroll what was in Rabbits Borrow.

Rabbit gets mad and does a weired face at Skunk which makes Skunk stink which gets rid of all the Monkeys and Baboon. The ending is shown when Rabbit does't want leave Skunk and Panda so they decide to kick Rabbit out of their home for good.

Quetos Edit

Panda: *sigh* Skunk's being so anoying about that game!