In the episode The art of influence, Baboon was instructing two Ninja Monkeys to use a type of dust to shrink The Valley's food supplies. Baboon, however, was shrunk. The two monkeys, angry with him, tried to stomp on him. Later, Baboon tricked Skunk by controling him into causing trouble by prettending to be his "Inner voice". When Baboon hit Skunk, however, Skunk uncovered the plot and destroyed Turtle's lab in attempts to smash Baboon. When Rabbit and Fox tried to restrain Skunk, the latter faked he was about to vomit. When the former two let go, Skunk ran. Later, Baboon was restored to full size, but the Monkeys, now small, got under his fur and annoyed him. At the very last ten seconds of the show, Baboon entertained the Valley by puting on a freak show.


Skunk: Huh?

Panda: Hello, Skunk!

Skunk: I'm sorry, Master.

Panda: I'm know that you're have been under his influence.

Skunk: I've never lost Fathen. Even when I acted so badley.

Panda: There is a way to make things right.

Skunk: Apolajize to all my friends.

Panda: There's time for that, later!

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