In the episode The art of kiting, Fox and Rabbit were chasing two Ninja Monkeys at the beggining of the episode. The two monkeys managed to get up a ladder to the Great Wall before they were caught, however. Fox advised against trying to scale the wall, but Rabbit did so anyway. However, the attempt ended in total failure, as the Monkeys dropped food and condiments on him. Skunk was interested in Turtle's kite flying. Skunk lied when Turtle asked if Panda had authorized that. During a fly over the Great Wall, Skunk managed to knock out a great deal of Ninja Monkeys, but Baboon caught him, and Turtle and Skunk were imprisoned. Baboon had noted how effective kites were in combat, however, and soon raised a squadron to attack The Valley. Turtle however, managed to get the key. Upon breaking out, Skunk and Turtle downed scores of Ninja Monkeys. One of them attempted to attack Turtle, who was busy using string to aid Skunk. When Turtle asked the Monkey if he would harm a defenseless, old Turtle, the Monkey attacked, but ultimately was unbalanced and fell off. Skunk commented that because of how easy it was to down Ninja Monkeys, that they weren't meant to fly, but Baboon, now airborne, said Skunks weren't either. Skunk, however, won the short lived duel. He and Turtle then procceded to escape. Skunk apoligized on being dishonest, but Turtle said that it was the most fun he had in years. Rabbit tried to fly with a kite too, but ultimately failed to keep in the air.
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Kiting

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Kiting

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Baby Elephant: WWAAAAAAAAA!

Skunk: This bread's been fooling for 12 hours! Will someone shut him up?!