Skunk Fu
Season 1, Episode 27
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The art of Endurance
The art of the Double cross

Rabbit and Skunk find out a way to use a long forgotten art.


During the episode The art of lightning, Skunk and Rabbit figure out a way to use lightning as a weapon. Rabbit, however, abuses Skunk by making him be a "Fur boy". When the lightning stops flowing, the two then decide to take some of Baboons fur for more lightning. Baboon, however, engages them in lightning combat. Eventually, however, Baboon got bald and retreated. Skunk and Rabbit then return to The Valley.


Baby Elephant: *throwing a temper tantrum*

Skunk: Rabbit, it's my turn!

Rabbit: Yeah, I-I know, Skunk, but you see? Ele-Elephant is only 17 months old & he doesn't understand about taking turns the way you do.