In the episode The art on no lung fu, Skunk was being trained underwater kung fu arts by Fish. However, the Ninja Monkeys and Baboon set up a dam on the river. Skunk had to put Fish in a bowl. Meanwhile, everyone else suffered from dehydration. Fish and Skunk soon set up attempts to destroy the dam. Despite engaging Skunk, Baboon was unable to stop the latter from taking out the dam. The resulting flood soon had restored water to The Valley. the valley was saved once again!


Baby Elephant: *giggle, giggling boy*

Skunk: What good are you? *3 sniffs* Ugh, not again.
Skunk Fu! - The Art of No Lung Fu

Skunk Fu! - The Art of No Lung Fu

5 seconds later....

Skunk: Let's get the diaper off of you, Baby Elephant. Whoa. This isn't poop. This is HUUUUGE poop. OH! Baby Elephant, look. Elephant! This isn't good, Baby Elephant! Just like me! Just like me.