Character: Skunk

Part 1

Plot: After getting in trouble from all of his skunking, Skunk gets upset and leaves the valley completely miserable. As Skunk feels terrible he falls off a cliff into a jungle run by other jungle animals when he lost his memory. The next day the animals find Skunk missing and they start to feel guilty for hurting his feelings, so they decide to find him. In the jungle Skunk thinks he is a black squirrel known as Shadow.

Part 2

Plot: When the valley animals are getting worried about Skunk, Snake comes back with some news that he saw Skunk in a jungle with the other animals. Desperately to get Skunk back the animals go after him. They find him training hard and using a katana sword with a another animal. Suddenly the Ninja Monkeys and Baboon attack all the animals team up together and fight off the monkeys. But when Skunk gets knocked out he starts to remember his memory and fights the monkeys. Glad to have Skunk back the valley animals are glad and soon feel guilty for they did to him. Master Panda hosts a party for their victory.

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