Skunk Fu
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 10/6/2007
Episode Guide
The art of Attitude
The art of tunneling

When a Ninja monkey smashes Skunk's green tea cake, he and Rabbit go out for revenge.


In the episode, The art of revenge, Skunk was upset when a sadistic Ninja Monkey who stomped on his tea cakes. Rabbit successfully encouraged Skunk to take his revenge. However, Skunk was too distracted by the Monkey who stomped his tea cakes, and both of them were captured. The monkey got a Banana cream pie from Baboon as a reward. While guarding Skunk and Rabbit, the monkey laughed, but Skunk snatched the Banana cream pie. Rabbit, predicting that Skunk was going to stomp on the pie as revenge, began to encourage it. The monkey, seeing what would happen. began to cry. Skunk, realizing he would only bring more suffering, gave the pie back. The monkey, gratefull, let the two go, but Rabbit stomped the pie anyway. During the attempt to recapture them, Baboon's stash of pies were eaten by the Monkeys.


Skunk: Pig! Are you alright? *sniff* My poor Pig! *sobs*

5 hours later...

Skunk: Rabbit! What am I going to do? *sobing*

Rabbit: It's O.K., kid. He's in heaven, now.
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Revenge10:22

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Revenge

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