Plot: Baboon tells Skunk about ending up like Dragon, and insists that future is set in stone. This of course angers Skunk when he loses his fighting mojo, and starts training angrily to avoid Baboon's prediction. This leaves him hurt and mad, and he still won't stop until he avoids that future, with the others concerned for him. Now Skunk can't take his anger issues anymore and he writes a note to Baboon that he challenges him to a battle in the bamboo forest at high noon tomorrow that if Skunk wins Baboon takes back what he said, but if Baboon wins he gets Skunk.

Once Skunk gave the note to a Ninja Monkey Snake watched the whole thing and went to Master Panda to inform everything. Master Panda sighed and says Skunk does not know what he is doing.

Later that night Skunk is staring at the mountain with an angry look standing on a rock. Suddenly Master Panda came to tell that he is very disappointed in Skunk for challenging Baboon in a battle. Skunk stops him by saying he does not care and he has to do it for the valley. He walks to his tree and gets ready for bed, but Master Panda stops him and says a warrior must over come this prediction and let his anger go. After the night Skunk was preparing the fight with Fox and Rabbit standing next to him while the animals were waiting to see what will happen and the monkeys were on the other side as well. Baboon was ready for the fight just as Skunk was now and the two charged at each other, but Baboon high kicked Skunk to the ground. Soon Skunk felt really angry as Baboon mocked him, but Skunk then charged at him and punched him in the nose. Baboon then got his own tricks and knocked Skunk to the ground. Then Skunk got back up and putted into a fighting stance still very angry. Baboon Then continued to mock him in front of the crowd much to the Ninja Monkeys amusement. Skunk just stew his anger at Baboon, but soon calmed down, his eyes softened, closed his eyes and Master Panda's voice could be heard in him 'a warrior must over come this prediction and let his anger go'. Skunk soon smiled and felt calmed. Then he charged at Baboon and Kicked him to the ground. Baboon tried to take Skunk down, but Skunk dodged every attack. Eventually Skunk took Baboon with his own tricks before punching under his chin. Baboon was down and out, and valley animals cheered for his victory.

Later that night everyone was at two tree circle still celebrating Skunk's victory. Master Panda told Skunk that his very proud of him for conquering the prediction. Skunk thanks Master Panda and it was nothing, but Rabbit soon told Skunk that you still could have tired to be a n=bit more polite because Rabbit is the best fighter. Skunk felt mad, but soon got a suitable punishment for Rabbit and jumped on him by pulling on his ears while he stands on Rabbit's back. Rabbit soon surrenders by saying 'Ok, ok, I take it back! You're a great fighter too!' in a surrender way, while the others just laughed at the scene.