Characters Edit

  • Skunk
  • Panda
  • Rabbit
  • Baby Elephant

Plot: After a game of hide and seek Skunk, Pig, Ox and Bird find a cave next to the great wall and some bones. As they investigate however a large female spider lurker comes out of nowhere and fights them. When Skunk gets bitten by the large female spider left by it's fang on his left arm, Skunk pulls it out of him when it dies, he finds an egg in a rotten old log and he becomes abscessed with it and doesn't want any of his friends to harm it as they try to get it from him with plans a, b, and c, before it hatches and fails. But when they soon realize Skunk still keeps his eyes on it he starts to lose his mind, and some how he is under the influence of the spiders toxin, and becomes a freaky four armed spider skunk (as he grows an extra pair of arms, his teeth razor sharp, spikes on his tail and back, and his eye's glowing red while he is drooling saliva), now it's up to his friends to save him before he becomes the spider's next meal.


Mountain sceneEdit

After the long walk as Skunk is still holding to the spiders egg he still kept on walking but Ox, Bird, and Pig just stopped and are still unsure about it staying here.

Bird: "I got a really bad feeling about keeping that thing in the valley Skunk."

He said as Skunk came to a stop and turned to him.

Skunk: "Guys, you're missing the whole point think of all we could learn from it."

Bird: "You know what's inside spider eggs right? Here's a hint for you: SPIDERS!"

Skunk become annoyed.

Skunk: "That's not a hint man, I think you mean babies."

He said and began to walk away to the top of the mountain. Meanwhile after discussing master Panda about the spider egg he and rest of the valley animals came to the top of the mountain as Skunk and Turtle look at the egg and hear a sound of a small chirp.

Turtle was very surprised by the egg as well.

Turtle: "Hmm fascinating."

He said and pulled some tweezers out and was about put it on the egg when Skunk interrupted him.


He yelled at turtle which got his attention and the other's looked at Skunk confused.

Turtle: What? I'm just gonna dissect it.

Turtle said and Skunk came in front of him and said.

Skunk: "OH NO! Absolutely not! this is the only egg we have we need to learn how it develops."

He said with a serious look which made Turtle look at him weird and said to him.

Turtle: "Very well then I guess I'll just keep starring at it."

Hearing this Skunk's softened a little bit.

Skunk: "Good idea, (Then soon turns into a glare) from over there."

He said pointing his finger at the others. Turtle putted a blank expression on his face and stepped back a little bit.

Skunk narrowed his eyes at Master Turtle which made the medic back away fast not anger Skunk. Master Panda looked concerned for his young student.

Then Skunk turned around to the unhatched egg and sat on his knees.

Master Panda: "Well I think I will do something down at our place young Skunk. Everyone care to join me?"

He asked as everyone else agreed with him and began to walk away from Skunk.

Plan C and Skunks transformationEdit

After plan B fails and Skunk didn't move at all as he was still looking at the egg the others came and Pig has Skunk's favorite fox plush toy.

Rabbit: "Hey Pig where are you going with Skunk's favorite fox plush toy that he always snuggles with it all night?"

He said with a smirk.

Pig: "Well we ran out of sponge scrubbers so I thought this doll would do the job nicely."

Pig said with a smirk and began to scrub him self with it only he was pretending.

Pig: "Oh yeah that feels great, hope Skunk doesn't see me.

However Skunk didn't move at all and to their surprise and concern he's still looking at the egg.

Turtle: "Huh That young whippersnapper's farther gone than we thought."

He said to the others and they agree.

Seeing this Rabbit couldn't take it anymore.

Rabbit: "Alright that's it! I'm taking that egg away from him right now!"

He said as he reached his anger.

Rabbit: "Squirt I'm warning you: If you don't move away from the egg I'll forcefully punch you out of the way!"

Skunk however didn't listen to him.

Rabbit: "I'm warning you!

Still no answer and Rabbit lost his temper.


He said and began running at him and was about to punch Skunk out of the way.

Suddenly as Rabbit got close to punch Skunk out of the way Skunk grabbed Rabbit's Left arm with his right hand much to everyone's surprise especially Rabbit's.

Rabbit: " Skunk! What are you doing?!"

He asked to Skunk who didn't pay attention. Suddenly Skunk looked at Rabbit with his eye's glowing red narrowing at him.

Rabbit gasp and so did the others.

Next thing Rabbit knew Skunk threw him away with the others much to their surprise and they Look at Skunk who was snarling while drooling saliva.

Rabbit: "Skunk snap out of it now!

Skunk didn't pay attention to him and his red eye's were narrowing at the group. Suddenly his body began to vibrate and clutched his fists. Then a another pair arms appeared on him, spikes formed on his tail and back and his teeth were razor sharp.

The next thing everyone knew he roared like the land before time sharp tooth.

They were looking shocked at him as he stood on all six growling and ran at them full speed.

Skunk ran into Rabbit and threw him at a tree.

Suddenly Fox came behind Skunk and tried to attack him until he high kicked her away from him.

However Skunk didn't noticed that Master Panda attacked him from the others, and Skunk clutched his hand on his left arm and starting vibrating.

Fox: "Skunk! you're not yourself! let us help!"

She said trying to help him.

Skunk didn't pay attention and ran full speed knocking every one out of his way. He then grabbed the egg and high tailed out of here.

Rabbit: "He's getting away with the egg!"

He said getting everyone's attention. Skunk ran from the mountain and headed straight to the bamboo forest.

Master Panda: "We must go after him! Everyone lets go!"

The final fight Edit

The huge female spider was unstoppable as the valley dwellers were close to losing while Skunk was still unconscious after cure was finished.

Rabbit: "Man I can't believe I'm saying this, BUT WHERE'S SKUNK WHEN YOU NEED HIM?!"

He exclaimed.

The spider now has the animals cornered as it was about to eat them.


?: "Wow."

A very familiar voice came which got the spider's attention and everyone else.

It was Skunk!

Skunk: "I didn't think this fight could get any uglier."

He smirked.

Animals: "SKUNK!"

Everyone cheered while Master Panda smiled happy to see his student back to normal.

Skunk then jumped down to the ground performing a flip before landing on his feet.

He glared at the monstrous spider.

Master Panda: "Well I think you have been unconscious long enough, come and join us Skunk."

He smiled.

The spider turned its attention to Skunk.

Skunk: "Alright, time to play a little cooking game I like to call making spider pie."

Skunk smirked putting into a fighting stance.

The spider charged at Skunk who dodged out of the way.

It stopped and turned to Skunk who ran to it and high kicked it, hitting it with a punch and finally ending it with a spinning back kick to the face.

The spider landed on its back before getting back to its feet.

It snarled at Skunk before Rabbit, Fox, and Master Panda joined him.

Skunk charged at the spider followed by his friends.


He yelled and kicked the spider at the face again.

Rabbit punched under its chin, Fox performed a spinning back kick to the head and finally Master Panda punched it right at the lower jaw.

The spider landed on its back again.

It got back up before looking at Skunk, Rabbit, Fox, and Master Panda who glared at it.

Then it made a run out of the bamboo forest while the animals followed it.

Once Skunk, Fox, Rabbit, and Master Panda followed after the spider, they noticed it out of the forest.

Then they went back to the valley.

Ending Edit

Skunk continued to meditate after the fight. Master Panda came with the others.

Master Panda: "How are you doing Skunk?"

He asked making sure his student was alright.

Skunk: "I'm doing fine Master. Look guys, I'm really sorry. When I attacked I could see everything that was happening, but I couldn't control my actions."

He said sincerely.

Master Pana only putted a smile.

Master Panda: "Do not worry young Skunk, this was the spiders doing. Your mind was not your own."

He replied.

Master Panda: "For defeating the spider and saving the valley, we are proud and very glad to have you back again."

Rabbit: "Yeah you kicked the spiders butt and you saved us."

Skunk smiled.

Pig: "Yeah we're just glad that you're back Skunk."

Skunk: "Yeah, it's good to be back."

He said with a smile before he glared at Pig.

Skunk: "But you also used my favorite fox plush toy that I cuddle up every night as a sponge scrubber."

He gritted his teeth walking to Pig before putting his fist up.

Everyone just stayed silent knowing Pig was in big trouble.

Pig putted a nervous smile.

Pig: "Yeah, but I only did so you'd chase me."

He started to back away from Skunk.


Hey yelled grabbing a bamboo stick.

Pig did not know what else to do but tried to run.

Pig: "Wait! Stop!"

Skunk: "Get back here Pig!

He yelled jumping on to Pig and pinned him down while beating him.

Rabbit: "Aww the little scene angry Skunk."

Rabbit smiled as he liked this as everyone laughed.

Pig: "Make It stop!

He cried as Skunk readied his stick to whack him just as the screens turn off.


  • Jules de Jongh
  • Paul Tylak
  • Patricia Rodgeniz