During the episode The art of tunneling, Rabbit enlisted Skunk's help in building a tunnel to allow stealthier raids on the Ninja Monkeys. During the episode, the Monkeys noticed the tunnel however, and attempted to use it to launch a raid. Skunk and Rabbit managed to keep the Monkeys from reaching The Valley, however. When water spilled into the tunnel, Rabbit was convinced they would drown, but Skunk's stink managed to prevent that. Panda did tell Skunk to help Rabbit in cleaning out his warren, however.


Panda: Hi, Skunk. What's up?

Skunk: Who knows? Somebody might come along and paint my picture!

Panda: *gasp* Why don't you let me paint your picture?

Skunk: What a great idea!

Panda: *paints Skunk's picture*

Skunk: *cackle*

Panda: That's odd.

Skunk: *giggle*

Panda: Skunk, everytime I dry & paint, it disappears.

Skunk: *laugh* I fooled you! I filled your paint thought with diapearing paint! *laugh*

Panda: What a clever joke! *chuckling*
Skunk Fu! - The Art of Tunneling

Skunk Fu! - The Art of Tunneling