The Art of the Crush - Rabbit convinces Skunk to go with him on a "dangerous mission". But truthfully, he just has to get back his stolen poems he wrote about Fox.


Skunk Fu! - The Art of the Crush

Skunk Fu! - The Art of the Crush

The video starts off with Fox teaching Skunk some judo. Fox defeats Skunk, who almost skunks after thinking that Fox was going to kiss him. After leaving Fox, Skunk literally tumbles into Rabbit's burrow--Rabbit says that he needs Skunk to come with him on dangerous mission, which Rabbit says is to retrieve a dangerous weapon from Dragon. Skunk excitedly agrees to it, but after telling Fox about it, she gets suspicious and doesn't want Skunk to go on the mission unless she goes with him and Rabbit--Rabbit initially refuses to let Fox come with him and Skunk, but reluctantly agrees to it.

While at a camp for the night, Rabbit and Fox start wrestling, and Rabbit starts blushing after Fox pins him to the ground like she did with Skunk--after seeing this, Skunk accuses of having a crush on Fox, which Rabbit vehemently denies. Rabbit leaves the camp and, in the morning, it's revealed that the true purpose of the mission is to actually retrieve some love poems he wrote about Fox that were stolen by some Ninja Monkeys.

Skunk and Fox find Rabbit outside of the cave that the Monkeys are in, Rabbit pulls a rock to cover the cave and makes a lie. After fighting Baboon and Rabbit talk and Rabbit gets buried by monkeys. Skunk and Fox help him Baboon fell in love with her and flirts with Fox and asked if they would leave this "biusness" but she pins him. Skunk finds Rabbits scroll and Rabbit rips it and Fox giggles. While the boys started a "Do too! Do not!" while Fox tried to stop the monkeys. Soon Fox Rabbit and Skunk became prisoners of Dragon but not for long. While Skunk Rabbit and Fox almost lost hope, Rabbit realized Baboon told the monkeys to build a wall so that he would trap them and Skunk has to skunk but he couldn't. Skunk tells them he skunks when he is embarresed and Fox jumps on him and kisses him They escape and Rabbit wants to beat up Skunk and then both of them caused a chase and another "Do too! Do not!" and it ends with Fox saying "Hehe boys".

Quetos Edit

Skunk: Oh. What kind of soup is it?

Rabbit: Okra.

Skunk: Uh-oh....

Panda: Gack. Gack. Gack. Gack! *crash* Ack! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Skunk: Oh!

Rabbit: D - d - d - Are you cured?

Panda: Buck! Baaaaa! Guck! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

Skunk: ......

Rabbit: He needs more soup! Fortunately, I've got more.

Panda: G -! E- Eh? I'm cured. Yes. I feel much better. Thank you very much! I'm cured!

Skunk: Rabbit! Uh, uh, thank you for helping. And yes. Yes! I'm glad you could come visit!

Rabbit: Well, it's been a nice visit.

Skunk: Bye! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So along. Yeah. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uh, Master, are you OK?

Panda: LLLLLLLLaaaack! Okra soup! BlEEEEEEEEEEEEch!

Skunk: Yeah, you can't take over soup, seriously.


Skunk: It's bad enough you're taking the pooh-bahs too seriously.

Panda: The pooh-bahs?! Oh no! I'll be late for the trial! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!