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Skunk the plumber by skunk4

Skunk with the flying Octopus arm

The episode begins with Skunk boasting to Pig about a weapon called the Flying Octopus Arm that he stole from Rabbit. When practicing it out on a Ninja Monkey he ends up creating a new kung fu move: the Dizzy Master, in which whenever he gets dizzy, Skunk is able to dodge an aponint because he cannot stand still.

Later that day Panda says that the move is nothing but a gimick. Skunk is determined to turn prove him wrong and vows to steal Dragon's beard to prove the move's capability, allowing Pig to go with him.

When the two finally enconter Dragon they manage to keep him still in attempt to cut of his beard. But Skunk ends up loosing his balance and almost falls into the lake below. The two escape just before Dragon burns them. Skunk believes that he has failed, until Panda announces that after what has happened, there will be a new Master in the Valley. But to Skunk's disappointment, it is Pig who the master.


Skunk: I have it.

Master Panda: You're still wearing that back brace? That can't be good for you. Dr. Turtle said you were done with that thing.

The Art of the Dizzy Master

The Art of the Dizzy Master