Skunk is having trouble with the past he has put up because he did not knew his parents and now he has to find out where he came from on his own, so he must face the past (who Snake followed him and Skunk told him to tell Master Panda that he had to do something very important). but when the mysterious figure named the Overlord, whose seems to have history with Skunk and a mentor to Dragon, come to an aid with a sleazy Toad to complete their true plan.

Plot Edit

10 years ago in an unknown village lives a group of skunks that were doing chores around the village, while others were doing kung fu lessons. Meanwhile two adult skunks (possibly mates) have given birth to their first born son. They smiled down at him while the little skunk did the same with his eyes sparkling wide. Suddenly an arrow was shot into a blank wood and out of nowhere a snow leopard came and a whole army of unknown animals begun to attack the village. The skunks fled out of the village as it caught fire, while the two skunk parents carried their son to a stork. The female skunk said to her baby boy that they love him and will stay with him in spirit. The male skunk placed the boy in the storks beak and told the big bird to take their child far away from here.

Soon the stork left from the village while the baby cried out to his family. A few days have passed and the stork continued to carry the baby skunk. Then a big panda called out for help and the stork dropped the baby skunk into the panda's hands and thanked heaven.


  1. The Skunk fu theme (0:44)

2. Deep in the dark (lullaby) (3:12)

3. Good Company (2:31)

4. Once Upon a Time in New York City (3:57)

5. Why Should I Worry (3:16)

6. Streets of Gold (3:39)

7. Perfect Isn't Easy (2:51)

8. Ninja Monkeys Attack! (score) (1:44)

9. End Title (score) (1:18)

Characters Edit


Skunk's Mom

Skunk's Dad













Ninja Monkeys

Cast Edit

Jules de Jongh as Skunk, Duck, Crane

Lisa Vischer as Skunk's Mom

Paul Tylak as Skunk's Dad, Panda, Rabbit

Patricia Rodgienz as Fox

Tony Acworth as Turtle, Ox, Bird, Pig, Ninja Monkeys

Rod Goodall as Tiger, Dragon

Paul McLoone as Baboon

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