The Valley is the main placement in which Skunk Fu takes place in. The Valley consists of many animals who are fighting against Dragon. They are led by a Council of Elders, who are led by Panda. All the animals have a particular style which they follow. The Valley has many different locations such as the lake, the forest, and other places seen in numerous episodes. They are refered to as "The Valley Dwellers" by the mountain animals.
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A small look at the Valley

Valley ArmyEdit

The Valley army contains all of the basic Valley animals. However a few of them are not THAT kind of warriors, like Ox and Bird who are much more lazy if anything, indicating that they are not as reliable as much as the other members of the group. These are the army placements of each character:

link title==Council of Elders== The Elders are the leaders of the Valley who deside all the rules. These elders were determinated in "The Art of the Tea Ceremony" which they are the only ones able to perform the sacred tea ceremony:

  • Duck
  • Turtle
  • Panda
  • Crane


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