Toad is the sub boss of the Dark Animals Corps and second-in-command forerunner of Batareo's D.A.C activities around the Valley on the Nobody Land in Season 2.

Concept art of Toad

Name: Toad Gender: Male Age: 11 Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Personality Edit

Toad has an upper class whenever he become the emperor of the Marsh land and the Nobody Land,which he subsequently hated the most.

Family Edit

Adam (father)

Nina (mother)

Darla (older sister)

Yawn (older brother)

Henry (twin brother)

Scott (younger brother)

Harriet (younger sister)

Dusty (younger brother)

Ivor (younger brother)

Donald (baby brother)

Daisy (baby sister)

Bella (anut)

Sam (cousin)

Yolk (grandfather)