Conflict: Valley-Mountain War

Location: The Valley, Dragon's Mountain

Outcome: Conflict Ongoing

Factions: The Valley - Dragon's Mountain

Commanders: Council of Elders (The Valley) - Dragon, General Baboon (Dragon's Mountain)

Background: Dragon Was Once Good Hearted, He Was Sent From Heaven To Protect The Valley Animals, He And Panda Were Great Friends As Children But One Day Heaven Sent A Drought To Test Dragon's Loyality, Bearing Not To See His Friends Die (Despite Panda's Warnings) He Made It Rain With His Magic But Heaven Was Outraged And Punished Him By Destroying His Wings And Turning His Beautiful Scales Into Black And Ugly Ones, Dragon Blamed His Friends And Seeked To Destroy And Went On A Rampaige Throw The Valley While Doing That He Burned A Rare Lotus Flower Which Took Away His Water Power Burning Him With His Own Fire So Dragon Fled To Lung Mountain To Heal But He Was Too Burnt To Attack The Valley Again And Ploted War Against Them (Possibly For Other Reasons To).

Prelude: Dragon Forced The Mountain Animals To Serve Him Along With Their Hatred For The Valley Animals, Meanwhile Panda Thew Dragon Was Planning For War So He Preyed To Heaven For A Savior To Stop Dragon, A Baby Skunk Came Out Of The Sky First Thinking It Was A Baby Panda Discovered It Was A Baby Skunk Naming Him Skunk, It's Not Known When The War Began.

Battles: Baboon's Charge: Vallery Victory Ambush At The Forest: Valley Tactical Victory, Valley Strategic Failure First Mission To Dragon's Mountain: Valley Animals Discover The Giant Monkey Giant Monkey Attack: Valley Victory Monkey Air Invasion: Valley Victory, Attemtped Destruction Of The Valley: Monkey Failure Second Mission To Dragon's Mountain: Valley Strategic Failure, Skunk And Rabbit Escape Underground Assault: Valley Invasion Repealed Mission To Conkering Canyon: Valley Sucess First Invisable Monkey Invasion: Pyrrhic Valley Victory Second Invisable Monkey Invasion: Valley Victory Mission to The Hill Of Moons: Valley Sucess Dream Battle: Valley Victory Valley Crop Raids: Valley Tactical Victory, Minor Monkey Strategic Victory Mission To The Crystal Mines: Valley Strategic Victory, Monkey Tactical Victoy Skirmish In The Valley: Valley Victory Skirmish In The Ninja Monkey Training Grounds: Pig Rescued, Monkey Tactical Victory Skirmish At The Lake: Valley Tactical Victory, Monkey Strategic Failure, Master Turtle Saved Truffle Pit Skirmish: Valley Tactical Victory, Monkey Strategic Failure Mission To The Valley: Monkey Strategic Failure, Traps Stoped Rescuing Panda's Pebble: Valley Tactical Victory, Valley Strategic Victory River Battle: Valley Victory Skirmish On The Cliffs: Valley Strategic Victory Monkey Touch Battle: Valley Victory Capture Of Rabbit's Burrow: Monkey Victory Liberation Of Rabbit's Burrow: Valley Victory Attemtped Jinx Hand Attack On Panda: Minor Monkey Strategic Victory Jinx Hand Mission To Dragon's Mountain: Valley Strategic Victory Capture Of Panda: Monkey Victory Rescue Of Panda: Valley Victory Lighting Claw Battle: Valley Victory Second Canyon Battle: Valley Victory First Nose Bow Duel: Valley Victory Second Nose Blow Duel: Valley Victory Mission To The Cave: Monkey Tactical Victory, Monkey Strategic Failure, Fox, Rabbit, Skunk Escape Red Ant Invasion Of The Valley: Pyrrhic Valley Victory Air Skirmish Over Dragon's Mountain: Valley Victory Great And Fabuolis Super Battle: Pyrrhic Valley Victory Battle In Croocked Canyon: Pyrrhic Valley Victory Wheat Field Ambush: Valley Victory Fan-Fan Battle: Valley Victory Stealing Of Dragon's Beard: Valley Sucess Food Battle: Valley Victory Three Valley Invasions: Valley Victories Battle Of The Lake: Valley Victory Log Launcher Battle: Valley Victory Duel Over Panda's Statue: Valley Strategic Sucess, Monkey Tactical Victory Spy Mission To The Ninja Monkey Temple: Valley Strategic Sucess, Monkey Tactical Victory Spring Battle At The Lake: Stalemate Fake Battle: Fake Monkey Victory, Valley Stratiegic Sucess Second Underground Battle: Valley Victory Attacks On Buried Treasure Hill: Monkey Tactical Victory, Valley Strategic Victory Destruction Of The Dam: Valley Victory - Ongoing